From Flood to Fire Restoration

Regardless of the cause of the water damage (natural disaster, leaking water from a broken sewer pipe, damaged roof, or a broken hose from a major appliance), water damage constitutes the single greatest threat to a home or business structure. Not only is water damage restoration one of the most difficult of all remediation challenges, it is a ticking time bomb that threatens the life of a structure.

In addition to the obvious destructive nature of water to your home and contents, water damage also invites mold and bacteria as well as insect infestation and can permanently compromise the property’s structural integrity.

That’s why you need a water damage restoration pro like Bulldog Water Restoration to attack the problem with the most experienced water damage mitigation team armed with the most up-to-date water extraction equipment designed to successfully combat the challenges inherent to complete water removal. Proper water damage remediation requires tools that can’t be leased from the local hardware store.

We use powerful modern machinery capable of thoroughly removing thousands of gallons of waste water for its safe and environmentally friendly disposal, thermal imaging technology to detect hidden pockets of moisture behind walls and under floors, and powerful air movers strategically placed to ring every drop of moisture from the premises.



There’s no time to waste after a fire emergency. Once a home or business has been declared safe to re-enter, it’s important to act fast to prevent secondary damage from occurring. Items that may be salvageable can quickly degrade within only a few hours after a fire.



Residents understand that water damage, whether resulting from storm flooding, broken pipes, leaks in roofs, septic tank overflow and other types of water damage, are sometimes inevitable during the rainy season.